Haven’t done one of these in a while, Not a blogpost in general (the last was in August, about the J’s in my Mega DVD Marathon… I’ve been busy), and especially not one like this. This is another published story. My first published story in almost a year, and my first published story in a new publication since “Legbaugh’s Holistic and Alternative Healing” in the God’s and Services Anthology, which was over 2 years ago.

Despite this delay, I’ve still been writing, fairly heavily in fact. I have another story that was selected to be published, but it hasn’t been published yet (more on that when it gets here, nothing else before) and 4 more submitted and waiting for responses. And I’ve also been shopping around a short story collection. Hopefully, next year will be the year for that (all in all… I’m kind of glad this year wasn’t the year for my first book to be published, this has not been a good year).

Now I should mention, that this is a little more than just a new story published in a new publication. If that wasn’t good enough, the plug they wrote for the story, was unexpected. Usually, there isn’t a plug at all, but not only did I get a plug, but the praise lied therein was considerably higher than I anticipated. Saying that my story follows in the tradition of the classic American short story and being put into the same paragraph as O. Henry, that is some serious validation.

They accepted this story for publication back in mid-august and told me it would be published in late November – Early December. I guess good things come to those who wait. I hope you read the story and the plug, links below. More stories and blog posts to come.

The Art of Narrative – the plug

The Narrow Path – the story