Greetings (Again) My Loyal Readers,

This may be the first time this has happened, but, believe it or not, I have another story fresh of the press, less than a week after my last.

Magical Gastronomy from The Ginger Collect


This story I from the debut issue of a brand new publisher called “The Ginger Collect.”

Unlike the previous stories published this month, this one has considerably more meat to it, as it should, considering it is about food. At just over 4,000 words, it is considerably longer then the last two stories combined.

I am very happy to have this story published, as it was first submitted (and rejected) almost 5 years ago, and in that time it has been submitted to 8 different places (including the Ginger Collect), Rejected 4 times, ignored (asked for a re-write, then ultimately withdrawn after being ignored again from one place), submitted to one publisher that closed while pending, and then finally accepted.

In short it took a lot of work to get this one published, but it was work I am happy to do as long as people read it.

The story may not be for everyone, but I hope you take a look at it nonetheless, and if you do enjoy it, that would be even better.


P.S. if you didn’t get to read the last story, here is a link for that one too.