Greetings all my loyal readers,

I have for your pleasure my second story published this year: “The Easter Bunny on a Glass Elevator Going Down” from Foxglove Journal. Yes, Easter is still a few weeks away, but I don’t like to wait on these things that much.

There are several songs mentioned in this story, so if the story has peaked your interest here are some of the songs.

The main song: “Losing My Religion” by REM

Heart of a Dragon” the DragonForce song that sounds like “Peter Cottontail”

And “Peter Cottontail” (for comparison of course)

And though I’m not a fan of the song, here’s Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

There’s other songs mentioned but they should be familiar enough.

If you can’t wait to get some more “awesome” stories from Zach Smith, I have some good news. Another story was picked up a few weeks ago. I don’t know when it will be published, but it should be imminent. In the mean time you can check out the rest of my blog.