The Hours

Since 2012, every day I log the hours of what I have done that day into a spread sheet. Also in the spread sheet I keep a log of how good of a day it’s been (based on a 5 point system) and I draw a daily tarot card and keep a log of that. These two aspects however will not be included in the statistics here.

I wrote this a little before the end of the year so the numbers are not 100% accurate, but they are close enough for Government Work.

Reading: This year I spent a total of 678 hours reading. Reading is usually the highest of all the numbers, and it is again this year. This brakes down to an average of 111 Minutes of reading every day, which makes sense. I have a 20 minute drive to and from work, which I usually spend listening to an audio book. Then I usually read for an hour before going to bed, that’s 100 minutes right there. Also depending on the job I’m doing that particular day if I am working alone I may be able to spend several more hours listening to books. All in all the 678 hours logged in is probably a very conservative estimate. The most heavily read month was January at 77 hours, with August in a close second at 74 hour.

Writing: As it turned out, writing this year went better then expect. It was not a good year, though this is hardly an appropriate place to get into all that, and I thought that the writing would have suffered because of that, but as it turned out, not too bad. I did 411 hour of writing, averaging out to 68 minutes a day. My goal was closer to 2 hours a day writing, but it’s a very hard target to hit. I did better than last year by almost a hundred hours. If I can top this year by another 100 hours next year I’ll be very happy. The most productive month of writing this year was, as it always is, November (because of the NaNoWriMo contest). Also February and March were high months with over 50 hours of writing each.

Music: Music includes 3 things, work on my Drone Metal Band MoonCandle (we released 3 albums this year), work on classical music (of which I haven’t done very much since 2012), and video montages. One of the montage’s was for this year’s Oscars Night at the library, an in memorium video of all the lost actors of the year before set to the tune of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.” The one for next year will be considerably longer. I spent 106 hours on music projects, or roughly 17 minutes a day. The most musically productive month of the year was June at 19 hours.

Film: Film includes TV, but not all TV. I only log down hours spent on film if, and only if, I sit down focus on the TV and not do anything else at the same time, which is why the number is considerably low, it’s also why I have quite a few DVD’s that havn’t been watched yet, because they all deserve my full attention the first time they are watched. I spent 107 hours watching films/TV this year, also averaging out to 17 minutes a day. The most watched month this year was August, at 40 hours, no other month comes remotely close. Almost half of what I watched this year was watched in the month of August, and this is because of the Olympics.

Video Games: As you may have already noticed in the blog, I am a big fan of video games, and I’ve played a lot of them this year, 538 hours to be specific, 88 minutes a day. I won’t go into all the games I’ve played this year, but here are the 5 most played: #5 – Oregon Trail II for the PC (13 hours), #4 – Duck Tales Remastered for the Wii U (19 hours), #3 – Chess on various platforms (23 hours) I think this is much lower then the amount of time I actually spend playing chess, it’s probably somewhere around 50 hours this year. #2 – NES Remix for the Wii U (30 hours) really good game, probably my favorite for the Wii U at the moment, and will be the subject of a forthcoming blogpost I’m sure. And #1 – Cartridge/Sonic Review (52 hours), though not a single game a major project of quick plays of all my cartridge and retro games. The most played month was May at 59 hours, also June and July had well over 40 hours of play time logged. I’m going to try and cut down on this number next year, so I can watch more movies and write more.

Work Out: I keep a long of how much time I spend doing strenuous work outs, this includes heavy labor at work and home, and also working out for no immediate purpose. All in all I did 187 hours or 31 minutes a day.

Wake Up Songs

Since late August I’ve been keeping a list of every song that is stuck in my head when I first wake up. It’s something I noticed eairlyer this year and figured it might make a good list to post at the end of the year. of course as soon as I started to keep track of the songs, it would seem, this happened far less frequently. Anyways, here are the songs, I’ve also included links to the songs where available.