This has not been a super productive year w/r/t writing, hopefully next year will be better, I am intending to make it so anyways, thought that doesn’t always work out. As far as numbers go I wrote: 3 Flash Fictions (one published and another forthcoming), 2 New Short Stories, 2 Major Short Story Revisions, 1 Fictional Essay (w/ two versions), 1 Novel, 1 Creative Non-Fiction, 2 Non-Fictions essays, 62 New Blog Posts (of which 34 were posted), This all consists of a total of 377 pages or 193,000 words.

As far as publishing goes, I submitted 59 times, half of those in the winter (I like to hit the publishers hard first thing in the year), and I only submit one piece to one place at a time and not sending the same piece to multiple places at the same time, though I might change this practice Next Year. Of those 59 submissions, 6 of them have been published and one is forthcoming (just over 10% which is about the same percentage as last year).

The published pieces (with publisher and links to them) are as follows:

Below is some insight on the pieces written:

Syphon Theory – the first piece of the year (more or less), which has already been published and was covered in an earlier Blog Post.

Like and Egg Against the Wall of the Universe – a very strange, very short, flash fiction written in train of thought about the possible outcomes of the world if it were to collide with a hypothetical wall at the end of the universe. I actually started I think in 2015, writing it in bed at my old house. But I never got around to editing it (and maybe even finishing it) until this year. I’ve submitted it to two places, one rejected it in >24 hours, and the other took almost 10 months before sending me an email that they had gone through some restructuring and invited me to submit it again if I wished to, which I don’t think I will. Next year I hope to find a home for this peace.

Sardines in Catatonia – this is a story that I actually wrote in 2009 originally under the title “The Shelter.” I like the new title much better. It’s about a couple living in a bomb shelter and going crazy from the isolation. In its newest form it has been submitted to three times with two rejections and one more response pending.

The Arms of Avalay – Avalay is a fictional high fantasy world that I’ve been working on since the NaNoWriMo contest of 2012. There is a great deal of heraldry in the novel and this fictional essay presents all the different arms, blazone and a little bit of history behind the house that coat of arms represents. Two versions of this piece, one with spoilers and one without.

An Illuminating Gas – this was a major revision of an earlier story (also from 2009 if I’m not mistaken), I covered it already in an earlier Blog Post, and it has also been published.

Every Woman in the Afterlife Hates You – this is a humorious flash fiction, which is about a man who dies and goes to the afterlife to see the unusual punishment that is there instore for him. The piece was written, edited and completed in less than an hour (just like “Syphon Theory”).

Turning Over a New Engine – A short story that was written within the universe of this year’s NaNoWriMo contest. It follows one of the novel’s minor Characters (pastor Max) and a man who has been tracking him with plans to settle and old score.

Cloud Dreams – a story about an enormous man who falls from the sky and speaks a language that no one understands, once he is finally able to make himself understood, the story he tells makes no sense at all, so he has to prove it.

Trail of Blood – This year’s NoNoWriMo Novel, I already covered it in an earlier blog post so you can just read that if you’re interested.

Poisoned Peeps – a Flash Creative Non-Fiction piece that was already published around Easter of this year.

Story Titles – this is a project that I plan to work on in the upcoming year. What I did was spend several days writing down what I thought were interesting titles of other stories (a lot of them were taken from the Best American Short Story Series). my plan is to write stories with those title (i.e. if I were to use that title what would the story be about), and then change the title to make them wholly original works. We’ll see how that goes, more on next years writing plan later.

Zach’s Full Movie List – following the NaNoWriMo contest this year, I spent many hours working on this list. it is an alphabetical list of every movie that I have watched throughout my life (as best I can remember) each movie is listed with the year it came out, and my personal ratting on a complicated 5 star system. The list is very long and I had major help from a good friend of mine who had the same kind of list, which created a good foundation for this list to be built. I may actually start next year by adding this list as a page for the blog, and updating it on a yearly bases or so.

Writing Next year.

I have a plan for next year to every month write a new short story (partly where the Story Titles Project comes into play), plus edit a previously unedited story, plus edit the previous months new story, and most importantly (edit a story line form last years novel). I’ve put off very heavily writing for far too long (though not without reason), hopefully 2017 will see a resurgence of work done, I think that it will. Also I may keep an updater going on the blog for all this stuff I write next year. Wish me luck.

Finally, below is a list of all the blog posts from this year from oldest to newest: