It’s a little after the fact, but I am pleased to announce that I have not one but two recently published pieces available to all who wish to enjoy them. They both appear in the first annual Dowingtown Doo-Writers Anthology.

The Downingtown Doo-Writers is a writing group that meets at the Downingtown Library on the second Thursday of every month, I am one of the founding members, and the informal de-facto leader of the group. Membership is open to anyone, and we have a stable of about 20 active and inactive members of the group, but our meeting sizes are usually between 4 and 7.

The theme of this year’s anthology is “Love and Rockets” and the two stories (of mine) included are: “The Boy Scout Camp at the End of the World” and “An Illuminating Gas.”

The Boys Scout Camp story is quite possibly the best story I’ve written. During an unexplained (but theorized) apocalypse a group of boy scouts attempt to put together one last week of summer camp. I had the idea for the story way back when I was still a boy scout, which was at least 12 years ago, maybe longer, right about the time I was starting to write seriously, but I never got around to writing it until last year. I’m glad I waited, it turned out very well. At 6,900 words it’s also the longest story I’ve had published yet.

Although not quite as good as the first “An Illuminating Gas” is still worth the read. Another apocalyptic story, this one follows four characters as they deal with the impending disaster of the earth colliding with the planet Venus, while the United States attempts to build a survival outpost on Mars. I wrote this story back in 2010 and it’s gone through half a dozen major revisions with different titles, until we get to the near perfect piece presented here. The story is also quite long at 5,700 words.

There are some other great pieces in the anthology, from other members of the group such as Jennie Gardiner, and Rebecca Elise, plus a lot of stories from other local authors, and poems from several residences of Simpson Meadows. I probably shouldn’t do this, but my personal favorite piece (besides my own stuff) is the first story in the Anthology by Brendan Lyons called “Distant Societies of the Second Kind.”

As for the price. The Anthology is $9.99 on Amazon, or you can pick up a copy at the Downingtown Library. Unlike the one other story I’ve had published where purchase was required for reading (which will go unmentioned for now) this is actually going to a good cause. All proceeds are going directly to the Downingtown Library.

If you’re looking for any last minute Christmas gift ideas, pick up your copy today.