I got a new story published today. It’s a story that for years I considered to be one of, if not alone my best story yet written. It will be the title story of my forthcoming first short story collection, due out in about a year I think. Believe it or not the story has been rejected or lost 9 times before Crack the Spine picked it up, though this is certainly not a mark against the magazine.

With no offence meant to any of the sites that have previously published my works, this one is arguably the most prestigious. Stories in Crack the Spine have been nominated for StorySouth Million Writers, Best of the Net, and the very prestigious Pushcart Prize. On top of that this is the first time a story of mine has appeared as the coveted first story in an issue, and it’s not because my name is alphabetically first (with a name like Zach Smith, that doesn’t happen very often anyways).

You may notice that the teaser that advertises the issue at the top is the opening line from my story.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy the story, as it is as close to perfect as I can do at this point.