Some of you may or may not have noticed the other day that I added a new page to my blog called “Music” in case you didn’t, flick your eyes to the top of the screen, see it? Okay great, now let me explain.

Just slightly more than a year ago a good friend and I started a new band called MoonCandle. I’ll be honest, for most people this is not going to be easy to listen to. In fact a lot of people may ask: “is this considered music” and/or “do other people actually listen to this stuff?” to which the answer is yes and some, but not too many, respectively.

We are an Experimental Drone Metal Band. Drone metal, known for being extremely slow with very long notes and/or chords played throughout very long songs. Experimental, because in the writing process, we have a plan for how the music should be made, but don’t specifically know how it will sound until the experiment has been executed and the results recorded.

What I suggest you do is listen to the album here, listen to 3-4 minutes of it, if you can get through that and aren’t completely turned off then listen to the rest. After that read the rest of this post, then listened to the album again. if you prefer to listen to the songs individually, that’s alright too, click on the titles to be taken directly too them.

As mentioned above, Drone Metal is known for long songs, this album is 42 minutes long roughly, but there are only 5 songs. The shortest song on the album is five and a half minutes, the longest is almost thirteen, and these are all relatively short for the genre’s typical fair, single song full length albums are not uncommon. There are two of us in the band and we are using pseudonyms, I am GhostHammer, and the other is DaveDebauchery.

(((MOON))) – the first track of the album is pronounced “Infinite Pulses from a Double Moon.” I’ve personally written a healthy amount of music in the past, but this is the first Drone Metal piece, hence why it is placed first on the album. The song uses a 12 tone random sort of method in the writing. The opening part of the song, played on a vibraphone, is the Tone Bar that is used for the rest of the composition. The same 12 tones are played in the same order, but each at different lengths for the two guitars the Bass and the Organ. The Title (in the way that it is shaped) is an homage to our biggest influence (for this project) which is the Band Sunn O))). I think I’ve mentioned them before. When I wrote the title down for the first time I noticed the way that the “OO” looked like an infinity symbol, and the pronunciation arose from there.

Ghost Pilots of the Flying Diesel – our longest song on the album at 12:50, and also more or less what could be considered our “single” off the album. A music video is in the process of being made for this song. The title comes in two parts: “Ghost Pilots” is in reference to the other use of the word “Drone,” which are Pilotless Aircrafts, i.e. ghost pilots. The other “Flying Diesel” came from an interest that I had at the time in Diesel Punk. Diesel Punk music is based in Swing Revivalism, a form of Jazz and this song also has its routes in Jazz as well. There is even a saxophone, but it can barely be heard. Also what can’t be heard (hence a negative result in scientific terms) is the diesel train engine that is running through most of the song. The engine at the opening and closing of the song is from a turbo prop Beechcraft King Air, my personal favorite air plane.

Nitroglyceride – I personally had nothing to do with this song, so I can’t say too much about the writing process. I like the fact that it comes in the middle of the album, it’s a much softer and much more ambient song then the rest and it helps break up the album into two distinct parts.

Hypnorotic Somnambulist – this song uses another 12 tone structure, simmiler to the song (((MOON))), but unlike the first song, instead of an organ it uses augmented found audio clips, I won’t say any more than that on that subject. The word “Somnambulist” means “Sleepwalker” in case you were wondering, “Somnambuliloquist” means sleep talker, and that word may be used for a later song.

Song of the Dragons Flying to Heaven – the most melodic of all the songs on the album, and melodic meaning that it has a recognizable melody played just fast enough to be picked out, also probably the fastest song on the album, and title wise it’s a good place to end the album. On the title itself: I first came across it while reading a review of a play called “Straight White Men” by Asian ultra-feminist experimental play write Young Jean Lee, “Song of the Dragons Flying to Heaven” was another play she had written that was mentioned in the review. If the play title was originally here’s I may not have “borrowed” it for the title of this song, but it is also the English translated title of the Korean Poem: “Yongbieocheonga” (also a potential song title). Despite being an atheist, I find it to be a beautiful title.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the album, but fully understand if you have not.