Monolith is one of only two known Drone Metal bands from Pennsylvania (the other remaining for the moment inuteruo). “Swallowing the Cosmos” is the band’s third and newest album. I’ve been waiting for this album for almost a year now, and it does not disappoint. You can see the progress the band has made since their last album “Consuming the Scales of the Onyx Serpent” yet it is still identifiable as a Monolithic song. I should note her that the terms “Song” and “Album” are intergangable as the only song on the album is a 24 minute long track of the same name, the same goes for the previous 30 minute song/album “Consuming the Scales of the Onyx Serpent.” Only their first album “Descending into Perpetual Darkness” has more than one song (and it’s the only Monolithic album I have not listened to in full… multiple times).

The album as a mixture of techniques used from both standard Monolithic cannon to wholly new devices. At 7 minutes into the song there is this sharp pulsing noise that sets a rhythm for that particular passage of the song. If I didn’t know any better I’d say it actually sounded like a pulsar (keeping a thematic with the song title). Also there is a passage in which the Drums and Guitar imitate the roles they had previously established for themselves earlier in the song. So there is new material hear making the album worth checking out.

One thing I like about this song is the lack of vocals. The singing in other monolithic songs is strange, it sounds like parcel tongue, like a snake singing if you can imagine. It’s not that the vocals are annoying, they are interesting to say the least, however it’s impossible to make out what is being said, which is very annoying since I can’t find lyrics anywhere, and judging by the song titles, I imagine those lyrics are probably interesting. Of course this is a very obscure band from an already very obscure genre of music, so if there’s a demand, then perhaps these lyrics will become available and render this argument null and void. Regardless this song is an instrumental so it doesn’t matter.

One thing I don’t like is the name of the song, it’s not a bad title, it’s pretty good actually, but it comes on the back of some really really good titles. Sadly the title of this song is not quite as eye catching as “Consuming the Scales of the Onyx Serpent” or “Black Archaic Temples” or “Descending into Perpetual Darkness.” On the same point the last album also used a synonym of the word “eat” (of course all the songs in one way or another refer to “darkness,” but I find this less offensive, they are a metal band after all), so what’s the next song title “Eating Time in the Ancient World of Darkness”? I don’t know, but whatever it’s called, I’ll be listening to it… if I can’t find it. 4 out of 5 stars easy.