This time around, at my favorite game story, I had to spend exactly $10 (long story). I picked up the copy of Jurrassic Park that I had been eyeing the last two times I was in the story, and to even out the bill, I picked up something I never thought I would get, Madden 97 for the Gameboy. I was also given the tip that I could use card sleeves (like for binders of magic cards) to hold Gameboy cartridges.

Jurassic Park – I played the game for a full half hour to test it. It’s a typical side scrolling platformer, not my favorite type of game in general, but they can be pretty good some times, unfortunately this is not one of those times. The game gets extra points for graphics, but that’s about it. It is relentlessly hard, moving too fast can make you fall through various platforms and too your death. The button scheme is bad, A makes you cycle through your weapons, B fires the weapon selected, and C jumps. To jump to a higher platform you have to jump next to the platform and grab onto it. the biggest problem though is that the graphics seem to slow down the game, you see this in old games from the NES from time to time, but I don’t recall ever seeing it in a Genesis game before, where is that blast processing I hear so much about? Maybe if I play the game more I’ll get use to it, but in the half hour I played I didn’t even come close to the end of the first level. It does have a nice box though. And I’m glad I only payed 9$ for it, instead of the 50$ when it came out, as I had planned on doing many years ago.

Madden 97 – I had a funny feeling that despite everything I would actually like this game, it would have been very unlikely of course, as I don’t like sports in general, least of all football. Well guess what: no I didn’t like it. you choose different options and different attack patterns, but since I know nothing about football I was just selecting things at random. I played the game for 8 minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore. Don’t think I’ll be going back to this one any time soon.