Here we have the first installment of a project which should be completed at some point this year. I will listen to every Geneses album, in order, and write my findings and reviews on the blog. Let’s lay it out, I am a big fan of Geneses, I have their “Turn it On Again” Greatest Hits album, love and have memorized just about every song on it, all 20 of them. That being said, I’ve never listened to any of their albums all the way through, in given order before. Also I’ve never listened to any of the early Geneses with Peter Gabriel on vocals (I only know the Phil Collins era stuff).

So, “From Geneses to Revelations” is the first Geneses album, it is also a two disc concept album, which is awfully ambitious for a band to start out with, but this is Geneses, talented musicians capable of something like this. Personally I tend not to like concept albums at all, because they allegedly tell a story and when you read about the story they are supposed to tell, yes it sounds kind of interesting, but unfortunately the bands head is so far up their collective ass that trying to figure that story out or any story at all on a few causal listenings is just about impossible. Story and song are two different mediums and when trying to combine the two it is usually a failed result. From Geneses to Revelations is an example of this failure I am sorry to say. But that is not inherently a bad thing.

The music itself sounds an awful lot like the Beatles, and this is not entirely a good thing, I’m not too big a fan of the Beatles. Yes I respect what they did and the progress they gave to music etc. etc. but their songs have just kind of been overplayed for me at this point. I had never heard any song off this album before as far as I know, however I don’t understand why it doesn’t get much radio play, it is familiar enough of a sound that it should be accepted by fans of music of that era, and era which does already get significant airplay and continues to have a massive fan base.

Fireside Song, In the Wilderness, and One Eyed Hound were my favorite of the 17 songs. My overall rating of the album would be three out of five, not particularly good, but I know it will get better, I just don’t know when.