If you remember my post on “The Last Rites of Ransom Pride” I talked (rather heavily) about the Mill Creek DVD Box Sets. This movie comes from another collection, called “Taboo Tales.” It’s a 12 movie pack instead of a 20 pack, and none of the films are modern, they’re all from the 30’s to the 50’s, and most of them are under 70 minutes. They are for the most part what are known as “sexploitation” films, one of them I’ve actually seen before, “Sex Madness.”

Instead of the first movie in the set being a modern film, they opted for: “most infamous.” It was part of a larger smear campaign that made Marijuana illegal, and if this film is an accurate description of the drug we could say that this was a good thing. However…

The film makes a point to say that the facts it presents have not been exaggerated, it uses those exact words, when in fact they are almost completely fabricated. In school we learned a lot about the effects of Marijuana, and I never once heard it used as a date rape drug, or leading to permanent incurable insanity. As for Reckless Driving, I’ve heard two different arguments.

For me this film was almost unwatchable, for three reasons. First: the mumbling and poor audio, this comes with the territory thought so it’s a push. Second: the acting in it is really bad, in the other movies I’ve seen from the Mill Creek canon the acting has not been bad enough to the point of being almost unwatchable. Third: the film is clearly polemic, it shows one side of the issue, it didn’t say: “hey a lot of kids have tried it with no permanent effect,” no it gave the impression that (spoiler warning) if you smoke pot you’re going to do poorly in school, get involved in crime, cheat on your girl, get raped, kill you girl, commit suicide, and/or go permanently insane. This was the same problem I had with watching the show 20/20 when I was a kid.

So was this worth the price of admission? Difficult to answer, the movie is important w/r/t historic significance, however it’s not something that I must see on the TV. It’s an interesting piece to have in a DVD collection, but not a high priority, you can watch it on YouTube. Remember this was a 12 movie set and not a 20 movie set, which means the price you’re paying per movie is a little higher, it was 5$ on amazon, making the price per film ~$0.42. That being said I didn’t get this box for this specific movie, I was more interested in the sex related films, while this movie is only mildly sex related, there are 11 more to get through, and we’ll see soon how they stack up.