Happy New Year Faithful Readers. I’d like to start this year’s blog entries with a first annual list of all the new books I’ve read, and how I rank them accordingly. This has actually been one of the worst years as far as reading new complete works go. I’ve only read 12 books this year, that’s bad, that’s really bad, usually I’m over 50. Even if I included books I’ve already read, I’d still only be up to about 20, and none of those books are considerably long either. Worst yet, I read 8 of these books in the last two months of the year. But there’s been a lot going on. So without further adu, my list of books from best to worst.


Ready Player One

One More Thing

The World of Ice and Fire

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Train Dreams

The Cosmicomics


St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised By Wolves

The Bagombo Snuff Box

Moth Smoke

Make Something Up


To give a better idea of how these books fall in line it should be noted that there is a sizable gap of appreciation between “Train Dreams” and “The Cosmicomics” and then a much more massive gap between “The Bagombo Snuff Box” and “Moth Smoke” and then another gap, almost immeasurable, between “Moth Smoke” and “Make Something Up” which is at this point the worst book I’ve ever read. Hopefully this year will see a much longer selection of books.