For those of you who may be interested, last year I wrote 14 band new short stories throughout the year, in edition to the novel that I wrote for the NaNoWriMo contest. On January 1st, I sent all of them out to be published. Some were, some were rejected, and some are still pending. I will give you that list in just a moment.

Before I do though, I’d like to mention, that once any story has received 5 rejections, yet I still think it is worth reading for other people, I will publish it on this blog in a soon to come category called the “Rejection Selection.”

Without further ado, her are the stories, their genre’s and their statuses. Enjoy:

Rendezvous with the Secular Church of Gasoline – Postmodern, Pending.

Falling Down a Well of Transitory Players – Creative Non-Fiction, 1 Rejection, Pending.

Virtual Jehovah – Postmodern, 1 Rejection, Pending.

No Bars at the Gates of Heaven – Magical Realism/Humor, 2 Rejections, Pending.

Clyde Chesterfields Invitation to the 1%ers Ball – Postmodern/Humor, 2 Rejections, Published.

The First World War Considered as a 2D Tournament Fighter – Postmodern, 2 Rejections.

Small Low Flying Planes – Postmodern, 1 Rejection, Pending.

The Devil’s Playlist – Postmodern/Minimalist/Humor – 2 Rejections.

Ragout Fin – Sci-Fi, 1 Rejection.

Tomorrow and Onward – Sci-Fi, Published.

Legbaugh’s Holistic and Alternative Healing – Magical Realism, 2 Rejections, Pending.

Scheiskkopf 88 – Creative Non-Fiction, 1 Rejection, Pending.

The Oppression of the Ziggernauts – Postmodern/Humor, 1 Rejection, Published.

Hitching a Ride on Flying Colors – Postmodern, 2 Rejections, Pending.