Introduction – back in 2007 or so ago I did a personal top ten list of video games that I shared with my gamer buddy at work. That list was eventually lost, but I could probably recreate it, because most of the games have stayed on the list in their same ranking, with a few exceptions. For this list I’m picking out a favorite game for each system that I own. Though there will be some acceptations and caveats along the way, along with honorable mentions. I’ve listed this in chronological order of the systems, though it might not be perfect. Hope you enjoy, let me know what your favorites are in the comment section.

NES – since this is a list based on games I own, and not games I’ve played, I’m going to go with Golf. You’ll see another post for this game fairly soon. If I owned it the winner would easily be Hatris, but since I’ve only played it on Vizzed Board, I can’t count it. Coming in a close section is the Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt cart, each of those games alone is also a contender. I’d put the Legend of Zelda on this list too, I don’t own it for the NES but I do own it for the Gameboy Advanced, however I’m omitting it because I’ve never beaten the game, and the colors had frustrated me too much, see earlier post for more details

Gamboy Family – this section covers Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advanced. Pulling from that library I’m going with Kirby’s Star Stackers. The Gameboy, and handhelds in general are best for puzzle games, so some honorable mentions are: Tetris, Tetris Attack, and Solomon’s Club (a highly underrated game); non puzzle games to look for are Marioland 2: Six Gold Coins (maybe my first video game ever, though I’m not 100% sure), and Kirby’s Dream Land.

SNES – I don’t actually own an SNES or an NES for that matter, but I do own a Retron 2 which plays both systems’ original cartages. I only own one SNES game right now, and that’s Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday, which was covered in one of my first blog posts. That being said I’m going to go with Kirby’s Dream Corse. I don’t own an SNES cart for it, but I do have it on the Wii Virtual Consul, which is why (and how) I’m putting it down as my favorite for the system. Other games to check out: Uniracers, Tetris/Dr. Mario, Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars, and The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past.

Genesis – this one is almost too close to call because of Sonic 2, and 6-Pak (which includes both Sonic 1 and Columns which would both be contenders in their own right), but the one I’m going to pick is Aladdin, which again was the subject of another post. This is also possibly the first video game I ever got (I can’t remember if I got the Gameboy before or after the Genesis.)

Dreamcast – this one requiors no thinking whatsoever, or any special caveat. My favorite game for the system is Soul Caliber. It’s also my favorite game of all time for any system. Some honorable mentions though are: Tony Hawk 1&2, Vigilante 8: Second Offence, WWF Additude, Sonic Adventure, and many others, this is probably the most underrated system of them all.

Gamecube – another highly underrated system, with a whole library of great games to choose from, making it hard to pick a favorite, but I do have a favorite and that is: Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. I was a huge fan of the Tony Hawk series, TH1 was already a great game, then TH2 improved the game exponentially with create a skater, create a park, and manuals (a skateboard version of a wheelie). Each subsequent game improved on the last until The series reached its high point with THAW: a Story mode with voice acting from actual professional skaters and a good plot, Classic Mode (which we all grew up with), skating between levels without mucking around with select and load screens, switching to caveman and reverts which allow for infinite trick run combinations. There is not enough to be said about this game, it is the best of the series. For some reasons after this near perfict game was made, the developers decided to completely change how the game was played and ruined it hence forth, I played Proving Ground for about 2 hours, got very annoyed at how different of a game it was and havn’t played it since, though I still have it. Some honorable mentions for the Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, Sonic Mega Collection, and the 5 Zelda games on the system (including the rare collector’s edition).

PC – I’m only including PC in this list so I can give recognition to what would probably be my third favorite game of all time, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. This game came out the year of the 100th anniversary of the right brother’s first flight, and the game came loaded with lots of extra historic aircraft including: the Wright Brothers Flyer, DC-3, Vikers Vimmy, the Spirit of St. Lewis, and so on; in addition to the typical aircraft in the Flight Simultor canon: Cessnas, Beachcrafts, Boeing’s, etc. I’ve easily put hundreds of hours on this game, this game pretty much was my summer for 2008, and that was after already playing it heavily for the previous 4 years, the game released after FS2004 was FSX which made advances to the internal cockpit graphics, and added some new aircrafts but took away most of the historic stock. It’s just not quite as good as FS2004.

DS Family – like the Gameboy Family, this category covers both DS and 3DS games. I only have a limited knowledge of both systems (especially the 3DS), but the one that stands above the rest is Tetris DS. I’ve played quite a few of the Tetris variations for multiple systems, and this one seems to be the best of all of them, even better then is 3DS successor Tetris Axis. There are multiple modes, each one being a completely different game almost, while Standard Mode (the traditional game) gives homage on the top screen to old classic NES Games, this aspect is what makes DS better then Axis, though they are close. Some other notable games for the systems are: Brain Age 1&2, New Super Mario Bros., the N64 3D Remakes (such as Ocarina of Time and Starfox), Paper Mario Sticker Star, and A Link Between Worlds.

Playstation 2 – no need to think about this one either, the answer is Vice City, my second all time favorite game. That being said, I don’t own it and have never played it on the PS2, but I do own it and have played it heavily on the computer, but since it was originally a PS2 game, it’s going here. I have a PS1 now in my collection, which came from my wife, but I don’t really know any games. I’d put down Soul Blade and V8 as candidates, I’ll be picking them up if and when I ever see them available, but I’ve never played either. As far as other notable PS2 Games: San Andreas (which I also own for and play heavily on the PC, though I still like Vice City a little better), Kingdom Hearts, Crazy Taxi, Tekken Tag Tournament, and others. This was a great system with a very good lifespan, unfortunitly Sony cannot seem to recreate the magic it once had with the PS2.

Wii – and finally we get to the most modern system I own. I have a lot of games for it, but the best one was one of the launch games, and also the last game officially released on the Gamecube, and that is: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, it has a great high fantasy story line, good game mechanics, an almost perfect level of difficulty, good graphics, and almost sandbox level freedom. It’s my personal favorite Zelda game, the first Zelda game I ever played (aside from a few pitiful attempts at the original), and the first game that I routinely speedrun (my record is about 15 hours, I know it’s not any sort of record setter, but I don’t use glitches, and I do partake in some of the side quests too). The game is easily in my top ten games of all time regardless of system, but I don’t know quite where it fits, somewhere in the middle I would think.

Now for the quick review:

  • NES – Golf
  • Gameboy Family – Kirby’s Star Stackers
  • SNES – Kirby’s Dream Course
  • Geneses – Aladdin
  • Dreamcast – Soul Caliber
  • Gamecube – Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland
  • PS2 – GTA: Vice City
  • PC – Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
  • DS Family – Tetris DS
  • Wii – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess