I love the Zelda series, at this point I have played (and beaten) 4 of the games, in order (of being beaten): Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time 3D, and (most recently) A Link Between Worlds. This is of course a review of the very first game in the series, the Legend of Zelda. I don’t own the original gold NES cartridge of it, though it will be picked up when and if I see it. I do however own a copy for the Gameboy Advanced which is the medium I played this game on. My wife (girlfriend at the time) told me to pick it up at Sears because it was on clearance, and I think it cost me 6$ at the time. I still have the box and instructions and it is one of my rarer games worth about six times what I paid.

The game is notoriously difficult. Most hits take away a full heart and it is virtually mandatory to use a map. Everything is out to kill you between point A and point B in the game, it seems to be a much denser concentration of bad guys then any other Zelda game I’ve played, but if that wasn’t hard enough, there is still the problem of trying to find where to go next. If there was an accessible map on the screen or one you could pull up that would help, but all you’re given is a dark gray box with a red dot showing you where you are.

I put 12 hours into the game, and got stuck at level 4. I assume the level is tough for most, but for me it is unplayable. The rooms (the ones that are lit up) are bright orange, the bats in the rooms are red, and I can barely make them out. I spent about 4 hours in this room and I could not get through, so I gave up on the game. It’s still a good game however, and I’m glad that it has spawned probably the best video game series in history.