Every Christmas, my old boss from the Cedar Hallow Inn, and very good friend of mine go out Christmas shopping together. We’ve been doing this now for at least ten years, maybe longer. This year I stopped at his new house to pick him up and get a tour. He is a big fan of Beer, and he had a fridge in his basement full of giant can’s of a craft IPA from NOFX called “Stickin’ In My IPA” I asked him if I could take one and he said yes. Later on in the day he told me that he had bought a case of them, and that there were only 12 cans in the case and that the case cause over 70$ and I of course felt bad about taking one, but not too bad. I’ve been saving the beer for a “special” occasion.

When I was in college and played Magic semi-competitively, though I wasn’t very good. I went to a comic book store with a friend of mine, and at the store they sold collectible action figures that were unfortunately at the time, somewhat out of my price range. Two of the action figures I noticed were of Bob and Doug McKenzie, two characters from a sketch on SCTV called “Great White North.” It was the only time I had ever (then or since) seen action figures with beer bottles as accessories, donuts and smokes too. Many years later I remembered these action figures, figured out where they were from and I started watching some of their sketches on YouTube. I didn’t actually find them all that funny to tell you the truth, but because of the memory of those action figures, I kind of became obsessed with them.

What do these two things have to do with each other you might be wondering? Well after some more research I found out that the two characters were also in a movie called “Strange Brew.” I went to request it from the library, but Chester County didn’t carry it, so I had to put in for an inter library lone. I decided to save the fancy beer I got from my friend and crack it open when I would finally be able to watch the movie. The movie finally came in a day after my friend had asked me if I tried the beer yet. To top it off, I got a half-dozen donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts to eat while drinking the beer and watching the movie (usually I eat nachos). Finally on a cold winter night it all came together.

Now for the movie. It wasn’t really all that funny, but it was so weird that it actually turned out to be kind of good. There is a story line that a mad scientist has taken over the McKenzie bros. favorite brewery and was putting some sort of chemical in the beer that he was able to control people’s minds with. The McKenzie’s accidently get jobs working at the brewery while trying to pull off a free beer scam by saying they got a beer with a live mouse in it. They had the mouse to show them as well (this is actually a bit from one of their sketches). The film can be confusing at times, trying to figure out what is going on, but it’s not so much a sign of a bad movie but rather it makes you, the audience, better understand what it’s like to be as slow witted as the main characters.

It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen by any means, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. There were some fairly funny parts here or there, especially the climactic scene when their dog “Hosehead” saves the day, and also the courtroom scene was pretty cleaver. Since I personally love all things Canadian, there was certainly some room in my heart for this movie. Not bad, definitely worth the watch if you get around to it. If you do get around to it, make sure you get some donuts and plenty of suds.

Now as for the beer: it was very good, very bitter and hoppy with some fruity notes underneath. I may pay 5$ for a can of it if I come across it at a deli or pizzeria, it is a 22 ounce after all, but 70+ for a 12 pack, that’s a bit much.