I know I am coming a little late to the party for this, but in this year, 2015, I am starting a blog. I have little interest in modern technology and popular trends at this point, which is why it has taken me so long to set up this little blog her, but I guess it’s about time.

For two years I have been keeping a detailed log of all the books I read and reviews of them, some brief, some rather long and analytical, most of them have already been posted on Good Reads.

Last year I started to do a similar log for Video Games, specifically old video games, I haven’t decided weather or not I will write reviews of modern games, but I don’t play to many of them so it shouldn’t be a problem for a while.

I’ve been part of a movie club since 2011, but I have not written formal reviews of movies yet. At the tail end of last year I saw a number of very good movies that would have made for interesting reviews, so this year I will be reviewing them as well.

The Obscurity Symposium will be a place where I will review Books, Movies, Video Games and other topics.

Aside from reviews The Obscurity Symposium will also be a place to post links to my published works as they appear. On January 1st of this year I sent out the 14 stories that I had written over the course of 2014 to 14 different publications. As of today (January 6th) 4 of these stories have already been rejected, three of them yesterday (it was not a good day). I hope it won’t be long before I can post that something has been published.

The one thing I will be avoiding in this blog is politics. Because of my occupation I am not permitted to share these opinions in a public manor. Certain views may sneak in here or there when reviewing other topics, but it will not happen often or directly.

My taste in books and movies is unusual to say the least, sure there may be some things reviewed on the blog that you are familiar with, but a lot of it will be (of all things) obscure. I hope it will broaden your mind, make your own tastes more widely palatable, and above all bring you a little bit of greater knowledge, enjoyment, and entertainment in the world.